The symposium on urban water governance 2021 provides training to a global audience of urban water governance researchers and practitioners. 
The aim of the workshop is to establish a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the perception of urban water governance culturally and socially. We are inviting researchers and NGO leaders, health and water ministry officials, utility providers and private water vendors in Dar Es Salaam to take part. 
We will draw on the survey we conducted in 2018 targeting the general population in four districts of Dar es Salaam and comprised interviews with 2,154 adults about their access to water, perceptions of water quality, sanitation and hygiene facilities, readiness to pay for water services, social accountability, civic engagement and social demographics. The data is available to download free of charge (https://reshare.ukdataservice.ac.uk/854318/).
We will also draw on oral histories which we have collected from more than 90 respondents (female and male) from the four districts of Dar Es Salaam included in our 2018 survey. Some of the oral histories are being recorded as videos which we will show as part of our symposium. The videos will enable researchers to enter more deeply into the lives of the subjects, to understand their emotional response to water governance issues, and to understand how water access shapes perceptions, and perceptions in turn shape behaviour.  
Ethical approval for all new data collection has been obtained from the University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee. Fieldwork is being conducted by an established team at University of Dar Es Salaam under the direction of Dr Opportuna Kweka. The videos are being produced under the direction of Dr. Vicensia Shule and the website is created by Mr. Simba Kirumba in conjuction with Microtelecomms Company - www.microtelecomms.com